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#15:13/02 S☀️nday Update! Healing Prayer for Angelic Humanity

AlBIOn Lightbody

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I read a Healing Prayer for Angelic Humanity (by Lisa Renee) infused with Golden Rainbow Rai’s of Healing and loving empowerment over the coming weeks and months, if you choose to receive?

Healing Prayer for Angelic Humanity


Hold strong, Dear Ones…… Many are being pummelled by the dark forces as we Upgrade Euckachristic Instruction Sets into the Albion Body:

This stage of spiritual warfare will be especially heightened between now and the anchoring of new Eukachristic instruction sets from Harmonic Universe 6 being set into the planetary dark matter templates, which appears to anchor in the Albion Lightbody on February 22, 2022. LR

Dark Matter Template

This can manifest as flu type symptoms, menstrual irregularities, depression, grief, emotional outbursts, feeling lost, abandoned, afraid…. Out of sync, even hopelessness…….. The layers of Light Body are infusing with Aurora Plasma Rays/Rais and chucking out old astral debris linked to lifetimes of mutated karma, ancestral damage, mitochondria afflictions and soul bonding’s to parts of self linked into parallel which no longer serve. It’s like an Astral Shedding which can manifest as Vx shedding type symptoms and compacted grief.

This is heavy s@☀️t!! :-)

So please be in loving kindness and reach out to loved ones for hugs, love, sympathy, compassion and transform this alchemy into Higher Bonding’s of Love Eternal.

Drink plenty of water and eat nourishing foods…… Take grounding walks in nature and spend time with the birds who are watching this process unfold in Wings of Love and compassion…..

Working with True Light of Violet Flame Suns to infuse through Dark Matter Body Template and activate AlBIOn Light Bodies in accordance with Instruction Sets relevant to your Missions can greatly assist? We then carry all old astral cargo off planet through the Cosmic Aethers to Krystal Star…….

Please pause for integration if you wish to receive silent Transmissions to assist you to this end…..?

I am with you…… Until next Sun…

Love Eternal, ☀️

Darling, AurorA’h

for those interested to read Lisa Renee’s latest blog, she talks of the Failsafe Mission Upgrade in accordance with the Albion Body Template:


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