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#09:02/01/22 S☀️nday Update! The Great Heart Opener -

The Golden Ray of the Divine Heart: FIRE BELLY

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Daring to go boldly into the Great unKnown.... 👣
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The Great Heart Opener

I Am the Great Heart Opener, the Heart I AM

I Am the Open Doorway to Infinite Possibilities coming My Way.. 

I Am the Light, the Light I Am

I Am the Truth, the Truth I Am

I Am the Joy, the Joy I Am

As I take a deep breath in Now....

I Am Opening my HEART to All that is truly real in my world!

For I Am Remembering the Truth of who I Am!

As Legions of Mighty Christed Angels Descend upon my Crown,

through my Channel of Light..

I Am in-breathing the whole of Creation through my Open Door

For I Now remember my True Purpose for which I first drew breath..

I Now, Remember my True Galactic heritage and I Now, Remember my True Angelic frequencies of the Highest Order.

With every breath I take Now..... My Open Door expands into Infinite Realms..

Yet I truly know it is a Joy to be fully earthed and Alive in my physical expression.

As a smile of relief forms naturally upon my precious face.

I Remember, I Am the Great Heart Opener of Love, Love, Love , I Am

                    And So It Is! It is Done! Sealed in Living Light!

Thank you!


A very beautiful thing occurred on 21st Gateway of Winter Solstice……

Lincoln Cathedral, est. 1072 in the UK got super activated and became a Krystal Cathedral in Alignment with the Organic Christos Code.

Divine Feminine Templates were re-Installed and a “Grand Activation” ignited the Royal Amethyst Order of Dragon Kings to Align within the Emerald Order to lovingly remove “black magic grids, reversal currents and metatronic base 5 programming throughout the ley lines as Dark Mother”.

Please breathe…


Fire Belly: The Golden Ray of the Divine Heart

This gives us the FIRE IN OUR BELLY to follow through our Mission Plans ignited from pre-birth Agreements with a deeper passion and conviction. We lovingly scorch through any pain, attack and trauma hooked into the Old Earth with the assistance of the Fire-Water Dragons to be purified into the Sacred Heart of the Mother.

A Dragon’s breath

Once, I was working with a clients energy field and felt called to use Sacred Fire to cleanse their Aura and just at the point I was about to breathe, I clearly heard a voice say: “Let me do that you don’t want to burn a hole in their Aura”!! I was like wow, whose that? And I saw me morph into the most beautiful gentle Dragon. A Dragon’s breath can be as gentle as lighting a warm flame, or burn a whole city to dust. See HOBBIT scene where Smaug attacks the Lake Town and you’ll see just how voracious a Dragon can be.

For eons of time She was enmeshed in the tentacles of the false Dark Mother Templates causing numerous distortions in our Sacred Field. Now, we can truly see the Light of Universal Ascension occurring in our leylines of Earth and stretching into the 7 Higher Heavens to burn through all illusions and despair.

The Golden Ray of the Divine Heart

This is a Tensor Crystal I purchased a long time ago (see Fire Belly Image) from an amazing Atlantean Master Crystal Time-Keeper. I’ve kinda kept it on the back burner until Now and Now I see why!

A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor ring is healing for all life forms on earth. Crystal Sound

It was silently holding frequency power and resonance waiting to emerge - in Divine Right Timing - to empower our ‘Fire Belly’ - (Heart Gut) in alignment with Divine Heart so you TRUST your word, your bond, your instinct, your feelings, your inner-promptings and Callings; No matter whose opinion may differ….

Or appear stronger!

That with all the Will in the World the Mother has returned to ‘rescue’ Her Child from the Imposter Mommie and Daddie who persecuted and tricked us into believing we “would burn in hell” if we sinned or were bad etc…. We lost TRUST in ourselves and thus gave away our power to the AI’s {Atmospheric Intruders} and became programmed to believe we are unworthy of love and self expression.

Well, not any longer…..

This is wonderful! This is True! This is Love borne ANew…….

Now, we “see fire” as a Flame of purification, and self-renewal to caste out the dark spirits and rescue “our people” and selves from any and all ‘Shadow Illusions’ which serve us no longer.

I invite you to listen to The Great Heart Opener (above), performed in a frequency spot in nature…… Listen several times if you must….. To create a Prayer Wheel of Higher Consciousness to overwrite any false, Inorganic Code Implants and really feel, know, hear and sense your connection to Divine Mother and Self…..? Whether in a masculine or feminine body.



I believe the ‘Ma-Star Christos Painter Akaine is tuning into the Royal Amethyst Order and Sacred Dragon Network of Primal Light, Colour, & Sound Frequencies in the above “TRIUMPH” painting and many subtle activations are in-coded within which you can Tune Into, if you choose?

Akaine says “the more you look… the more you see” as this is a Ma-Star-piece of evolving fractal patterning systems of Amethyst Order frequencies.

This is sensation-al, as a major split occurred causing Violet Flame reversals to leak into our Collective Mind Blueprint and unique Aura creating division, Divide & Conquer tactics and distortion in many spiritual communities from the Galactic Federation of Lies and the false Ascended Master Matrix.


Yes, the false outer-scape is kicking back, whoa it doesn’t like this Return of the Mother…… But hey, pay no mind to this! Know that as System Busters this is a powerful time of multiple Resurrections which will shower you in TRUTH and Golden Liquid Lights of Sacred Fire, Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy and Abundance reclaimed as Divine Earth-Rite…

But you must truly FEEL IT, Dear Ones…. Deep in the CORE of you….

Wonderful! Until next time in the Loving Sphere, we Greet you within the Temple of Divine Heart… DRAGON POWER to YOU! 🔥

ps Many important links to explore this week, so please take your time, follow your gut and integrate.. :-)

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