Kindest Souls

Dear Kindest Souls

For those of you who are experiencing difficulties, traumas and or persecution right now please know - with gentle compassion:

“This Too Shall Pass”..

Whilst the outer layers are crumbling of the “old stock’ no longer in Highest Alignment, it can be absolutely devastating to the aspects of self rooted and attached to these old paradigms. Whether this be a house, flat, lifestyle, habits, friend, relationship, job, country, soul or karmic contract etc..

Basically, if it no longer correlates with you it can't be dragged into 5D, it would essentially crack, crumble and break apart due to the velocity of new plasma tech instilled in Holographic Architecture which is pulsating with unparalleled New Life frequencies..

I know its incredibly daunting, even terrifying to release and change old paradigms as I am experiencing this first-hand; But trusting that your Higher Self is running the Show and will only send you what you can handle (even if it doesn’t feel like it), will assist you to breathe and stabilise through the transformative process.

I will be performing some healing touch up repair jobs to assist us All in The Intrepod Explorer, Podcast as soon as I sort out my own calamities having gone homeless yet again!!! At least I still have my Golden Wings even if they got rather crushed in the latest wild escapades, we'll be back flying soon… ⭐️

Reading the Kindest Souls quote touched me deeply and just about got my Wings fluttering again… ;-)

Just a note: the World Wide March for Freedom is this Saturday 15th, whilst I won’t be going, there seems to be some Divide & Conquer tactics going around to scramble everyone about how to effectively play this one..?

I believe this guy is earnest in his expression about this…


Follow your Heart…. Not some false-light Leaders filled in self-superiority divides of counter opposition.. {excuse my tartness but the term Lead also refers to a type of poisoning of the bloodstream!)

So, as we focus on purifying our blood-stream with healing Krystal Waters, just know:




If you do go, please do let us know by sharing in the comments?

Okay, until next time in this weird, upshifting, melt-down, breaking apart ‘crazy’ Sphere, be KIND to yourself and each-other! All is Well, and also please remember to Ride it Well…. 🌎

AurorA'h ⭐

tree image: unknown source, thank you!