.. "Don't worry 'bout a thing.."

March for Freedom 24:04:21

Freedom Lovers,

We Rocked London today with the most empowering, soulful vibes… 💍

Please see video here:

My 1st physical March joining thousands of other Freedom LOVErs was exilerating and astonishing!! Such profound resonance, unity and consciousness … 👩‍❤‍💋‍👨

I went with Jeanette Archer and her beautiful group. Jeanette is a survivor of SRA and has experienced horrific, abuse beyond words; And yet embodies an unbelievable beauty, humility, compassion and strength.

I am enclosing her video in honor of her brave, courageous Spirit as I believe her ‘story’ needs to be shared as a testament to the remarkable endurance of Soul..

WARNING⚠️: please be aware this is truly disturbing information which may trigger trauma and distress and I suggest you ask in your heart if you need to watch this and TRUST the answer? If so, please Shield your energy…🛡️

Blessings of Pure Love that we transcend all tyranny, falsehoods and remember the FREEDOM of our Angelic Wings… 🎈

Lovingly True, AurorA'h ⭐